Bounty Hunter Shop

Location: Hyperium Starship

Name Requirements Price
misc.png Chocolate Doubloon N/A 1,000,000 Gold
misc.png Chocolate Loonie N/A 3,000,000 Gold
misc.png Chocolate Solidus N/A 100 175 Gold
misc.png Le Chocolat N/A 3,750,000 Gold
misc.png Solid Gold Coin N/A 1 Gold
misc.png Dubloon raresmall.png N/A 1,500,000 Gold
Weapons_Table.png J6's Machete Mission 2 66 Gold
Weapons_Table.png J6's Birthday Guns acsmall.png raresmall.png N/A 1,200 AC
Weapons_Table.png J6's Handguns membersmall.png Mission 4 1,000 Gold
Weapons_Table.png J6's Handgun Mission 4 666 Gold
Weapons_Table.png J6's Minigun membersmall.png Mission 4 6,666 Gold
Weapons_Table.png J6's Hammer Mission 1 6 Gold
Armor_Table.png J5 Needs complete all Hal's Quests and Deactivated Bot's Quests 50,655 Gold
Armor_Table.png J6 - Pirate N/A 1,718 Gold
Armor_Table.png J6's Birthday Suit acsmall.png raresmall.png N/A 1,200 AC
Helmet_table.png J6's Birthday Helm raresmall.png N/A 6,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png J6's Gunslinger Helm acsmall.png raresmall.png N/A 1,200 AC
Cloak_Table.png J6's Gatling Gun acsmall.png raresmall.png N/A 200 AC
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