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■Arrange thanks in order based on the first letter used in the name (A-Z), followed by names that begin with numbers, and finally those beginning with special characters such as ".shadow//"
■Names are separated by a comma and the word "and" (not an ampersand).
■No additional comments or characters that cannot be found on a standard qwerty keyboard in the thanks
■Names used must not be offensive (including well known abbreviations/etc)
Adding Thanks
Thanks can be added for "new information". Even though you may have provided new info, you obviously don't have to add thanks. Many times when I add something as small as sell back for example, I don't personally feel it's much, so I don't bother. Follows is a general list of what is considered thanks worthy;

■All correct images (see image guidelines)
■All appropriate notes, or adding additional new information to notes (such as color custom details)
■Item location name (Not extra town name where applicable)
■Item price and sell back values (including gold/ac)
■Item rarity (Please note that "Unknown" is not currently considered a rarity)
■Item description
■Class damage/speed, skill details, etc
■Enhancement type and stats
■House room quantity
■Misc Item type
■Monsters/Shops/NPCs found in locations and wars
■Map names, room limit and access points
■Monster level, difficulty, HP, attack damage and items dropped
■Temp items dropped by monsters (only when linked to their appropriate quests)
■NPC dialogue, quests, shops, and location
■Quest location, begun from, requirements, description, when complete, items required (with location), and rewards
■War progression and loot
■Weapon base damage
Adding Thanks for someone else
You can add thanks to someone else if they directly helped you with any of the above, but as with all thanks it must be done at the time of adding the new information.
If a page has been left with no names at all in the thanks (it has happened a few times), a mod will add thanks from those who contributed.

Cloning Pages
When you copy any information from another page (such as a seasonal item) you must copy all appropriate thanks with that information. If it is clear someone has copied info and has not added the appropriate thanks they will receive a warning.

Do not add Thanks
Follows are a few examples of things we would please ask you not to add thanks for;

■Adding "Rarity: Unknown"
■Adding the word rare after a rarity
■Adding "N/A" where appropriate
■Attack Names
■Adding the small image tags to things such as monster drops
■Fixing basic wiki format issues such as "include image-tags", tabs and wiki links
■Fixing typos
■Pages that do not have "thanks to" such as shops
■Quantity of monsters in locations/wars
■Removing incorrect information
■Removing unnecessary information
■Rephrasing notes
■Striking out information
Removing Thanks
You can remove thanks if it is added and does not qualify based upon the above rules. If someone has done nothing but add their thanks, or have added thanks and incorrect/inappropriate/unnecessary info, simply revert the page.
Please note, these rules apply from the date of this post (11/02/10), please do not retroactively remove thanks from older pages. If there is an issue with older pages pm a mod. Remember, repeatedly removing thanks incorrectly is a ban-able offense.

A moderator may remove thanks for other reasons. Sometimes we may not explain why. The reasons could involve users banned from the wiki, information gained through hacking, and other such things.

What is it? - Thanks to… can be found at the bottom of wiki pages (with the exception shops, lists, and a few others). It is credit given to those who have helped with that entry.
Why do we need rules? - Many wiki users care greatly about the thanks both of themselves and of others. If someone comes along to fix a typo or something else small, and adds thanks to themselves, other users get frustrated. It is at times a topic of contention. These rules exist so users can handle issues themselves instead of having to rely on a mod.
Do we still need to pm a mod to remove thanks? - If it is clear by the rules above, no, you can edit the page and remove the thanks yourself. Just make sure you say why in the comments. If it isn't clear by the rules, but you still feel something is wrong, pm mturf or Hina.
This person has thanks but they didn't edit the page!? - That's ok. A person doesn't need to edit the page themselves to get credit. They may have posed for the picture, provided the info via a pm or other method, or they might simply be using a different name on their wikidot account to the name they wish to use in thanks.
I / Someone forgot to add thanks when I / they edited, can I add it now? - No. You can't edit a page just to add thanks. If you forgot to add thanks when you added the new info, it's too late. Unless you are adding further new information you can't add thanks. Sorry, the rule exists to prevent people going back to long completed pages and claiming they help amongst other things. It also doesn't help the wiki if we have multiple edits where one will do. The moral is to just take care and do it correctly the first time, the wiki is not a contest, so don't rush.
The thanks are messed up, will i get in trouble if I fix them? - No, go ahead. Alphabetizing, removing ampersands, spelling corrections, etc. Just make sure you're correct ^-^. But don't go back and add/remove thanks on an old page if the rules have recently changed, if you have a problem with an older page pm a mod.
Why's there extra forward slashes at the end of the thanks? - That's part of shadow's name. It's an unfortunate coincidence that the wiki uses it to define italics, and that we chose to use italics in the thanks. If shadow's name is not next to it then it's probably a typo from someone copy&pasting instead of using the templates. If new users could avoid using wiki syntax in their names it would be much appreciated.
I've changed my name, can I change my thanks? - No.

(if you have anything I've missed, or any more questions you think should be answered here pm them to me and I'll add them to this list)

Adding / Removing Thanks by DarnAxisDarnAxis, 20 Sep 2011 00:16

Universal Rules are rules that are enforced throughout the entire board and must be obeyed at all times by all users. Understanding (including all changes) these rules are the responsibility of the user alone. It might look like a lot, but most of it is common courtesy and common sense. They are subject to change at any time; each member is responsible for keeping up with any updates. Board-specific rules are in force in those sections of the forum. Where there is no board-specific rule covering an action, the Universal Rules are the default standard.
By using this message forum, you agree to these rules.

1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.
2) No illegal content.
3) No harassment.
4) No flaming.
5) No trolling.
6) No spamming (advertising, bumping, and multi-posting included, see below).
7) No trick links/pranking
8) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion.
9) No posting unreleased or staff-only items.
10) Please be accurate.

1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.
This is a family friendly game; we have players of all ages, including children. Do not post links to sites that have content rated more "mature" than PG-13 (Some PG-13 content, swearing and partial nudity in particular, is prohibited from the boards.). Any material that is pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically violent (detailed descriptions of violence include describing/referencing torture, vicious acts of physical brutality, etc), visually offensive, derogatory, or discriminates on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, color, creed, religion, lifestyle, or, any other material (includes nudity and offensive pictures) that may be deemed as objectionable in a public community environment is strictly prohibited.
Profanity is strictly prohibited. Use of foul language, including swear words, real-world racial slurs, alternate spellings, and other language that is not consistent with the fantasy environment will be considered a disruption.
Any swearing, whether spelled out, placed in an acronym, and/or censored, or placed in a graphical image/offsite link, is prohibited.

2) No illegal content.
This includes linking to any sites that may violate the rules. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the appropriateness of the content you want to post, don't post it. This includes but is not limited to:

■adult-oriented content
■content that breaks any laws
■copyright infringement (many MP3s, ROMs, etc.), warez, CD keys, cracks, passwords, serial numbers, etc.
■gambling and drugs
■hacking materials and information
■selling AE Characters (property of Artix Entertainment, LLC.)
■terrorism (promotion/carrying it through)
■trojans, viruses, worms, and other such harmful things
3) You must not harass or abuse others.
Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player or group of players to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms, the moderators will make a determination as to whether or not a "reasonable person" would feel harassed and act accordingly. Actions which would be considered abuse include but are not limited to:

3.1) Sexual Abuse or Harassment
Untoward and/or unwelcome advances of a graphic and sexual nature - PMs: If someone tells you to stop PMing them and includes a reason, you stop. If you do not, it will be considered harassment.

3.2) Attempting to Defraud
Creating false information with the intent of harming another and/or receiving benefits as a result - This includes reporting player misconduct without basis for it.

3.3) Personal Abuse
Includes but is not limited to sending excessive private messages or e-mails to a moderator or staff member, making physical threats, or using abusive language against a moderator.

3.4) Fellow Users
The above also apply to fellow users on the AQ boards.

5) No trolling.
Trolling is posting with the intent to cause a negative reaction in an individual or group of people. This can take the form of pointlessly spamming a thread or a more directed form of posting something you know is likely to upset them. If you don't have any serious things to contribute to the conversation, stay out of it. In other words, do not post anything intended to provoke someone into replying negatively.

6) No spamming.
Please keep threads on a topic related to the board you are posting in, and replies relevant to the topic you are replying to.

7) Trick links and pranking.
Trick links (Saying a link will show someone something, but then actually linking to something else) are not allowed. Trick links of a malicious nature (browser hijacking links, for example) will be severely punished, even for a first offense.
Pranking is also not allowed. Pranking is posting anything which you claim is truthful even though you know it to be false. (For example, posting that a release is live or that a certain item has been made rare when you know the statements to be false.)

8) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion.
Part of the job of moderators is to keep the boards clean. Messages deemed inappropriate, old, or off topic may be deleted/locked by moderators at any time.

9) You may only post entries that are or have been available to the public.
That means no staff-only items or unreleased items. Any unreleased information or information gathered through cheating will not be tolerated. If anyone does publish such information in any way or form, they will lose their ability to post on this wiki. This applies to all items and details when they are obtainable only through illegal methods such as cheating. Staff only items are considered unobtainable and therefore should not be added to the wiki.

That also means that personal pages, fanfiction, clans, and the like do not have a place on this site. This Wiki is an encyclopedia that documents in-game features — anything else is irrelevant and will be deleted.

10) Please be accurate.
It is a pain for everyone if people do not follow templates or post inaccurate information. This is not a race, so please check and recheck all information you post for new releases, and make sure they follow the same format as the majority of other similar categorical entries.

AQW Wiki Rules by DarnAxisDarnAxis, 20 Sep 2011 00:12

Welcome to the AQW Wiki. This is a handy guide for new and old wiki users alike. We're glad to help anyone who wants to help but doesn't know how to do what's needed.

A list of Admin, my fellow Mod's, and a full list of members can be found here

Please feel free to post any question in this thread and someone will answer you ASAP (old questions may be deleted once answered), or alternatively you may pm me, mturf or Hina with any issue you don't want to post here.

Thanks to mturf, Hina, Beowolve, Kienkai, kururu999, Pae, Shaggy McParker and .shadow//

Old thread:

AQW - Hina, HS - Raiken
Book of Faces
Twitterific Twig
Do what you love, love what you do

Wiki How To / Q&A II by DarnAxisDarnAxis, 20 Sep 2011 00:10

Link to old thread:

What are Tags?
Tags are those little red words at the bottom left of a vast amount of the wiki pages.

What do they do?
They categorize pages and associate them to one another, and displays the Tag name on the Tag Cloud.

Tag Cloud?
The Tag Cloud can be seen in the left side bar of the wiki (doesn't it look awesome). These are the most popular / frequently used Tags. A full Tag Cloud can be seen here or by clicking any Tag.

So…. whats the point?
It's best described by example. Lets say you want to see every Zard in the game,
our monsters are all on one big list, you'd have to check them all. Simply click on the "Zard" tag and it will bring back every page we have chosen to label with the word "Zard". Pretty simple, and pretty useful.

Are there any rules to Tags?
As always, follow the general rules of the wiki:
Other than that, here are a few guidelines;

■Any page can have more than one tag.
■All tags must be a single word, or joined with a hyphen. Use a space and it will be considered 2 or more separate tags.
■If you want to use an existing tag, ensure you spell it exactly the same way.
■If you make a new tag category, do it with reason, tags are virtually useless if only one page has the tag.
■If you don't understand a tag, click it and see what other items have the same tag. Please try not to make new tags if a suitable tag exists (eg - don't add "Tux" when we have "Suit") unless you think it is necessary.
■If you make a new tag, post it here so i can add it to the list.
Important Tags
Most tags are important in their way otherwise they wouldn't exist, but there a few special ones that are tied into other functions on the wiki, namely;
member, rare, ac, specialoffer, temporary, founder, and upholder

How do I add/remove Tags?
There is a little red button at the bottom of every page, go to that and add / delete the tag you want, and hit save.

The more careful we are with our tags, the better they work. And remember, if only one page exists with a tag, it is virtually useless.

If there is a tag you would like to add, change or remove, please provide the tag name, description of the tag (what the tag is used for), and the reason for the addition/change/removal.

Follows is a list of every tag we are currently using, and a short description of what they mean;

1eyeddoll - this uses the One Eyed Doll logo in its design

1star - this monster is of 1 star difficulty (easy)

2diffweapons - dual weapons that have different items in each hand (i.e. sword/shield, book/wand, etc)

2star - this monster is of 2 star difficulty (medium)

3star - this monster is of 3 star difficulty (hard)

4star - this monster is of 4 star difficulty (very hard)

8track - this item was available during 8 Track Day

ac - this item can only be bought using adventure coins

accessory - this item is an equippable accessory (i.e. necklaces)

ae-staff - This is an NPC based on a member of the Artix Entertainment staff (please note, they are still NPCs, and not the staff member's actual characters)

akibanewyear - this item was available during an Akiba New Year event

alpha - this item was only available during the alpha testing of AQW

alteon - this is related to the NPC King Alteon

appliance - a household appliance

aprilfools - this was involved in an April Fools event

aqwbirthday - this item was available during an AQWorlds' Birthday event

arcangrove - this item requires Arcangrove reputation

arcattack - this item/location/monster/npc was available or in the ArcAttack event

armor - this is an armor

artix - this is related to the NPC Artix

axe - this is an axe

back - a generic tag for anything that's equipped on your back

backitem - this is an item for the back that doesn't fit the other "cape" tags (i.e. rocket packs, swords, etc)

backpack - this is a backpack

balloon - this is made from, or is related to, balloons

banner - this is a banner, or gives you a banner

bathroom - typically found in a bathroom

battleon - this is located in the town of Battleon

battlepet - this is a pet that will fight for you when Necromancer/Necromancer (AC) is equipped

bear - this is a bear, or uses bears as part of it's design

beard - this armor, helm, or NPC has a beard

bed - this is a bed

berserker - this class has the same skills as Berserker

beta - this item was only available during the beta testing of AQW

bird - this is a bird, or uses birds as part of it's design

blackfriday - this item was available on Black Friday

bludrut - this is related to Bludrut Keep

bodyart - this armor, helm, or NPC has Body Art (Tattoos, Facepaint, /etc)

boss - this is a boss

bow - this is a bow

bovine - this is, or is related to, a cow or a bull

box - this is a box, or is made of boxes

broom - this is a broom

cad - this was released during the Ctrl+Alt+Del event

canadaday - this was introduced to celebrate Canada Day

canadianthanksgiving - this item was available on Canadian Thanksgiving Day

cane - this is a cane

canine - this is or is part canine, or uses dogs in it's design

cape - this is a cape

chainsaw - this is a chainsaw

chaos - this is tainted by or aligned with chaos

chaosvalley - this is part of the Chaos Valley zone

chimera - this is a chimera

cincodemayo - these items were introduced for Cinco de Mayo

class - this is one of the Classes

click2change - clicking this item changes it's appearance

clickactivated - this does something special (but does not change appearance) when clicked

collar - this item has a large collar around the neck

colorcustom - this item is color customizable

crown - this is (or is wearing) a crown

cyclops - this is or is related to a cyclops

cysero - this is related to Cysero

dagger - this is a dagger

daily - this is available only on specific days of the week

damage - this is damage/d, such as graffiti or cracks

darkeyes - this helm/class/armour/npc has dark rings around it's eyes

darkness- this weapon deals Darkness damage

demon - this is or is related to a Demon

dishpanhand - this NPC is a member of the Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hand

doomwood - this item requires DoomWood reputation

door - this is a door

dots - this helm/class/armor/NPC has 4 dots on it's forehead

dragon - this is or is part Dragon, or uses Dragons in it's design

dragonlord - this is only available to those who have verified their AQW account with a Dragon Fable Dragon Lord account

dragonslayer - this is related to the Dragonslayers

dress - this is a dress

drink - this is a tasty beverage, or uses drinks as part of it's design

dwakel - this is a Dwakel (Dwarf Drakel)

dwarf - this is, or related to, a dwarf

dwarfhold - items that require Dwarfhold reputation

earthday - This item was made available on Earth Day

easter - this was involved in an Easter event

egg - this is an Egg, or uses Eggs as part of it's design ("egg" was previously used to describe "hatchingitems")

elemental - this creature is an Elemental

elementx - this weapon deals Element X damage

elf - this is, or related to, an elf

energy - this weapon deals Energy damage

enhancement - this is an enhancement

equip2change - re-equip or re-logging changes this item's appearance

evil - this is Aligned to Faction

evileyes - this helm/class/armour/npc has red Evil Eyes (different to the more common "glowingeyes")

evolve - this is an item that was designed to transform into another item while in the players possession

explosive - this is an explosive device such as a rocket or a bomb

fairy - this is a fairy

fathersday - this was released for Father's Day

fearchaser - items released for the Fear Chaser event

feline - this is Feline, part Feline, or uses Cats as part of it's design

female-only - this armor is only suitable for women or uses female designs (even when a male equips it)

fire - this weapon deals Fire damage

fish - this is a fish, part fish, or uses fish as part of it's design

fixed-dmg - these weapons have a fixed damage (i.e. 20-20 damage)

flaming - this item is on fire

flooring - this is placed on the floor like a rug

food - this is a food, or uses food as part of it's design

forest - this is a forest

founder - this can only be used by a Founder of AQW (Members who upgraded within the first month of AQW's general release)

friday13th - this item was available during a Friday 13th event

frog - this is a frog, part frog, or uses frost as part of it's design

frostscythe - this item is related to the villain FrostScythe

frostval - this was involved in the Frostval event (the December seasonal festivity)

gi - this is a gi, a set of clothes worn by martial artists

giant - this monster/NPC is a giant, or the item is oversized as to be used by a giant

glasses - this helm/class/armor/NPC has glasses, goggles, monacle, /etc

glowingeyes - this helm/class/armor/NPC has glowing eyes

good - this is Aligned to Good

goodluckday - this item was available during Good Luck Day (AQW's St. Patrick's Day)

grandparentsday - this item was available during a Grandparents Day event

guardian - this is only available to those who have verified their AQW account with an Adventure Quest Guardian account

gun - this is a Gun (there are no bullets, guns are melee weapons)

hair - this item is, or includes, (head) hair

harvestday - this item was available during a Harvest Day event

hat - this is a hat

headband - this helm/class/armor/NPC has a headband

healer - this is, or has the same skills as Healer

helm - this item goes on your head

helmet - this helm is actually a helmet

heroesheartday - this item was available during Heroes Heart Day

hog - this is part, or is related to a Pig / Boar, or uses Pigs as part of it's design

hood - this is a hood

horcrep - this item requires Horc reputation

horns - this helm/class/armor has horns

house - this is a player house

housedrop - this house item drops from a monster

housefurniture - furniture used in a player house

houseother - an accessory used in a player house

housewall - a wall item used in a player house

human - this is, or is part human

hybrid - a monster/item/NPC that is composed of (or has in it's design) two or more other species (e.g. Koalion)

ice - this weapon does Ice damage

impossible2own - this item has been physically removed from the game's database, meaning the item does not exist anymore.

inscription - this item has a secret message on it

insect - this is or is part insect, or uses insect as part of it's design (currently, arachnids are also included as "insects")

instrument - this is an instrument

jewelry - this item has jewelry on it

july4th - this was introduced to celebrate the 4th of july

light - this weapon does Light damage

lighting - this is a light

lightsabre - this is a weapon with a laser-like blade of light

limbs - these items are extra, or severed limbs!

limited-time - this item is only available for a limited time

location - this is a location

lycan - this is, or is related to a Lycan, or is an item that require Lycan reputation.

mace - this is a mace

mage - this is a, or has the same skills as Mage

maid - this is a maid or maid outfit

male-only - this item is only suitable for a male character or only uses male designs (even when a female equips it)

mask - this helm/class/armor/NPC is or has a mask

mechanical - this is a mechanical item/NPC (or has mechanical things in it if it is a location)

memarea-free - This item is only obtainable by members, but is not a member only item, so it can be used by non-members

member - this is only available to members

mergeitem - items required for merging

mergereward - item obtained through merging

metal - this weapon does Metal damage

million - this is worth 1,000,000 gold or more

misc - this is a miscellaneous item

model - this is a statue or a model

moglin - this is, is part, or is related to a moglin

mogloween - this was involved in a Mogloween event (Halloween)

monkey - this is part, or is related to a monkey

monster - anything you can attack

moonlanding40 - this was released during the 40th moon landing celebration

morph - this item morphs you into something else

mothersday - this item was added for Mother's Day (US)

mythsong - this item requires Mythsong reputation

nature - this weapon does Nature damage

necromancer - this is a necromancer

ninja - this is, or has the same skills as ninja

nonmemberpet - this is one of the few pets available to free players

npc - this is an NPC, Non Playable Character

nytherawedding - this was an item released as part of the nythera wedding event

object - this is an object, animate or not

obrigadobrasil - this item/shop is part of the Obrigado Brasil event

orc - this is, is part, or is related to an Orc

pactagonal - this is a member or is related to the Knights of the Pactagonal Table, King Alteon's Knights

painting - this is a painting

paladin - this is, or has the same skills as a Paladin

pancakeday - items released for Pancake Day

pet - this is a pet

petofthemonth - this pet was made specially available for one month only

phoenix - this is, is part, or is related to a Phoenix, or uses Phoenix as part of it's design

pillar - this is a pillar, usually used to keep things up

pirate - this is or is related to a pirate

plant - this is a plant

polearm - this is a polearm

pony - this is, or is related to a pony/horse/etc

prize - this item was awarded as a prize in an AE contest

pumpkin - this is or is related to a pumpkin

pvpreward - this item is obtained by participating in PvP (player vs player)

questgiver - this will give you quests

questitem - inventory items used in a quest

questreward - this is a reward from a quest

rabbit - this is, is part, or is related to a rabbit, or uses rabbits as part of it's design

randomlygenerated - this monster is randomly generated from many component parts, meaning there are many different possible variations on it's appearance

rare - this is no longer obtainable or accessible (by people who don't already have it/access to it)

rider - this is actually a little friend riding on your back

rodent - this is, is part, or is related to a rodent

rogue - this is, or has the same skills as Rogue

rope - this is, or is made of, rope

royalty - this NPC/monster is a member or a Royal family

rustbucket - this is or has the same skills as Rustbucket

sandsea - items that require Sandsea reputation.

scar - this helm/class/armor/NPC has a Scar or Scars on it's skin

scissors - this is a pair of scissors

scythe - this is a Scythe

seating - this is somewhere to sit

sepulchure - this is related to Sepulchure

serpent - this is, is part, or is related to a Serpent, or uses Serpents in it's design

shelf - this is a shelf

siegeweapon - this is a large siege weapon

sign - this is a sign

simpleclass - this class only has one attack, Simple Strike

skeletal - this item uses skulls/bones in its design

sketch - this is, or once was, shown in a "hand drawn black and white pencil sketch" style

skyguard - this item requires Skyguard reputation

slime - this is, is part, or is related to a Slime, or uses slime (Eww) as part of it's design

smith - this is, or is related to, a Smith (Blacksmith/Weaponsmith/etc)

sneevil - this is, is part, or is related to a Sneevil

specialguest - This is a special NPC based on a friend of Artix Entertainment

specialoffer - this item is only obtainable via an AE special offer. Page notes will specify

sport - this is used in sport

staff - this is a staff

starcaptain - this is only available to those who have verified their AQW account with a Mech Quest Star Captain account

suggestion - this item was inspired by a player suggestion, and is noted in it's description

suit - this armor/class/NPC/monster is wearing a suit

summerbreak - this item was released for summer break (May)

superbowl - this was involved in the 2009 Superbowl event

sword - this is a sword

table - this is a table

tail - this is a tail

tercessuinotlim - this is associated with Miltonius' secret zone

tier-two - this is a tier 2 class

trainer - this is a class trainer

training - used in combat practice

trobble - this is, is part, or is related to a trobble

troll - this is, is part, or is related to a troll

trollrep - this item requires Troll reputation.

turtle - this is a turtle, part turtle, related to a turtle or uses turtles as part of it's design

undead - this is undead, or has undead used as part of it's design

unidentified - this item has "Unidentified" in it's name.

useitem - this is a usable item (i.e. potions)

utensil - typically used in kitchens or to eat with

valentines13th - this was involved in the 2009 Friday XIII & Valentines Day hybrid event

vampire - this is or is related to a vampire, or is an item that require Vampire reputation.

vendor - you can purchase items from here

verified - this is only available to those who have verified their AQW account with an upgraded account of the appropriate AE game

void - the design of this item is based on "void" themes

voltaire - is related to Voltaire, or was involved in a Voltaire event

war - this was involved in a WAR

warlic - this is related to Warlic

warrior - this is or has the same skills as Warrior

water - this weapon does water damage

wedding - this was involved in a Wedding event

winged - this item/monster/NPC has wings incorporated into its design

wings - a cape that has wings

witch - this is or is related to a witch

worm - this is, is part, or is related to a worm

yokai - items that require Yokai reputation.

zard - this is, is part, or is related to a Zard

Some More In-Depth Tag Descriptions

NPC Tags
NPCs or Non Playable or Playing Characters are people in the game that you interact with, that aren't controlled by a real person. They may give you may quests, sell you items, and/or give you information.
NPCs are tagged in two ways;
1. NPC - A normal Non Playable Character
Examples: Robina, Cleric Joy, Gravelyn
2. SpecialGuest - This is a special NPC based on a friend of Artix Entertainment
Examples: Bello, Merca, Voltaire
3. AE-Staff - This is an NPC based on a member of the Artix Entertainment staff (please note, they are still npc's, and not the staff member's actual characters)
Examples: Artix, Safiria, Cysero

Free player member area items
This tag is important to temporary members. The only way to get these items is by going to a member only zone/shop. However, the item itself does not require membership to equip. That means that users who's membership expires will still be able to equip these items. Some of these have been made available to free players for a limited time, but most have not.

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