In Sandsea Saloon

Bounty Hunter
Trying to sneak up on me spy? I heard you coming a mile away! What do you want?

I want items!
So you want items? What do I get in return? I don't want gold, I have plenty of it. Cupcakes don't work either I've had more than I can handle from the bar downstairs. Anyways, I only give items to people I know and my friends list is full.

Can I be your friend?
So you want to be my friend? You sure you aren't a spy? Well either way, you need to prove yourself. Plenty of people come wandering on in here demanding something from me, but if you want the good, you need to work for it. I'd challenge you to a dual, but that didn't end quite well for the last guy.
So here's the deal. I ask you 6 questions, you need to answer them all. Sounds easy? Good, let's start. Oh, and small detail, if you are a spy, or get any questions wrong, then I'm locking the doors and taking you out. Nothing personal.

- J6's Quiz

In Hyperium Starship

Bounty Hunter
Welcome aboard! So what would you like, weapons or adventure?

So you want guns? Well first we need to give you something to shoot at. You can't just got running around swinging shotguns with no target in sight! I'll make you a deal, I have a list of monsters someone wants me to take out and I'm a little busy fixing the ship, so from now on, you're an honorary part-time Bounty Hunter in training. You do a job for me, I'll reward you with a weapon. Oh, feels kinda nice being on the other end of the job. Do my bidding minion! Ha! Head over to the Mission Room to get the list. Once you complete a task, I'll reprogram the droid protecting the armory to let you get your reward.If you want to know where the armor is, I'll give you a hint. It's on the ship and it's hidden. Consider this your initiation into Bounty Hunterism! Don't look at me like that, you're getting off easy, my initiation was finding a size 9 needle in a size 11 factory!

Good! I could use some help for my final mission! I still have a lot of work to do on this ship before we leave though, I think the engine sucked up some sand or a camel or something when I landed. Whatever it was, the intake is clogged so it will take a bit of time for the droids to clear it up. In the meantime sit down and have a chat with me or go check out the VR room to get up to speed on the mission.

Datadisk 5 is curently being held by an untried warrior, the newest soldier of a race which has long been feared for their battle prowess.It was promised to him as an incentive for learning the complex hack-n-bash combat style for which they are reknowned.

So what do you want to know?

  • Who are you?
    • I'm J6, part time thief, full time Bounty Hunter. And that's already more than you need to know.
  • What mission are we going on?
    • Most people think I'm a thief, but they are wrong. I'm a collector! I've been traveling the stars looking for some very special parts. Everything I own has been borrowed from somewhere , even this ship! It used to be an EbilCorps trench digger, but I ripped out the wheels and stuck one of those anti-gravity dealies on it. I'll eventually give it back, but I still need it to finish my collection. For now, all you need to know is that we're building something big, powerful! A super suit powerful enough to rule the world! Muahahahaha! Just kidding… or am I? You'll never know, Ha! Still want to help?
  • Where are you from?
    • I don't quite remember where I'm from, I've been away for so long. I like to think of the universe as my home, so I just make myself welcome wherever I go. Like this planet Lore you're on, it's in my kitchen! The moon is in the fridge. I heard it was made out of cheese, didn't want it going bad. What's more important is when I'm from.
      • The Future?
        • No, the past! 5000-something years in the past. You know, there's a lot more wood and chainmail here in the future than I thought there would be. A lot less hovercars though…

VR Room?
Virtual Reality Room. It's where I do all of my training. It's a nifty little gadget I picked up while raiding a starship, lets me plan out my missions by creating a virtual version of where I'm going. I programmed it to recreate all of my past missions for you, so that you can follow up on what I've been doing. Go through all of them while you wait, you'll know more about where we are going when you're done. Oh! I turned off that pesky safety feature, so now you can die! Isn't it exciting? Makes you really feel like you're really there!

In Stream

Bounty Hunter
Howdy Everyone! Thank you for coming to watch me draw. This is our first experiment with streaming video. Because we are using another company to stream the video, we do not have any control over the TV ads they show. So, we must ask that you are over 13, or get your parent's permission before starting the video stream. Hope you enjoy the show!


Note: At Hyperium Starship if you click on his pocket the VR Room Access Card will drop if you have high dexterity.


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