- At Bloodtusk Ravine

Horc Lorekeeper / Reputation Vendor

Free and Strong Hero! Welcome to K'thurr. It means "Horc's Side in our language. When we won our freedom from the Trolls, our ancestors began their new lives right where the old ones ended. They built K'thurr to show the Trolls that we do not fear them. Bloodtusk is ours… at least as nuch as it is the Trolls. We will never give it up.


I am the Lorekeeper for my people. We share our knowledge freely with those who wish to know it. Unlike some races, we value honesty, equality and directness. What do you wish to know?


Horcs have no written language, but our memories are very long and we respect the art of story-telling. As Lorekeeper, I am the living memory for our tribe but every Horc knows stories. You will discover this.

Centuries ago the Horcs allowed the Trolls to entire our ravine and live here. Our people eventually grew together. The Trolls have their art and magic and studies and we have strength and will and hard work. Eventually, the Trolls began to take advantage of our simple open nature…

Around 200 years ago, we opened our eyes and realized that we had become second class citizens. We mined, farmed, hunted and labored for the Trolls and they used their crafty minds to keep us under their blue thumbs. We rose up and won back our freedom, vowing never again to serve another master! Now we are free and strong!

You have met some of us before, yes? Horcs may not be the brightest race, but we are strong and we will die before we give an inch of ground to our foes. Like all races, there are Good and Evil Horcs. We do not like to see Horcs turn to Evil but we respect their freedom to do so. Our lives are based on battle, honor, love, above all else… freedom.


Bah, what do you need to know about Trolls? They play and scheme and use their magic instead of their hands! You are welcome to visit their half of town but do NOT trust them.


Yes, I speak better than the rest of my tribe. As Lorekeeper, I traveled far and wide gathering stories to bring back to my tribe. Most languages are more complex than the Horc language so it is difficult for most of my brothers and sisters to speak. Do not mistake our simplicity for stupidity!

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- Kagg's Quests

- At BloodTusk War

Horc Lorekeeper

Free and Strong, Hero! K'thurr is in danger, all Horcs are in danger. The whispers are true - The Trolls have one ready to shatter the stones with the hammer of Chaos. We must fight, for Freedom and for Honor. This Troll, they send the tainted children of the forest and field to attack us. Share your shield with us and we will honor you as Horc Warrior.

My people are brave. They will break their swords on Chaos and the Trolls, and for good reason. We know the suffering both the Trolls and the chaos contagion bring. I will not see any of my people suffer it! To be cut off from the heart of the mountain, your blood turned from Iron to Crystal… it will not be! They need a shield-brother to help keep them from chaorruption. Do this for us, Hero!

The Spirits of the Mountain do not show Zot what is come. Only that the bones of the mountain will run red, and that the Horcs will cry to the skies in anger and pain. I fear for my people, Hero. Should the Trolls attack with Chaos… We will fight, but not only Trolls will fall.

- Kagg's War Quests

- At Ravine Temple

- Before completing all previous storyline quests

Horc Lorekeeper

Free and Strong! Return to K'thurr, Hero. There are things there you must do before you should battle here.

- After completing all previous storyline quests

Horc Lorekeeper

Free and Strong, Hero! You will help us to stay free and strong, I know. You are like a Horc where it counts: in your heart. This… Alliance; Horcs will keep peace around their army, but we do not like it! If we are threatened, we WILL fight, Alliance or no. And if they try to take our Ore, they will pay! Rumors have already started in K'thurr that the Ore has been stolen. Will the Alliance step in if Horcs riot in fear and anger? Bah!

What resource?
Each piece of Ore we call a Tear of the Mountain. It is sacred, both to Horcs and to Trolls. They call it differently, though, and I do not know what. Many years ago, Trolls and Horcs fought over the Tears, until the Accord of the Dark Sun. Now it is kept safe and where it stays, peace is enforced. If the Trolls have been lost to Chaos, though… we must secure our share of the Ore!

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