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Change Log

  • New "Set Background" button in certain locations that changes your character page to that of the screen you are on.
  • Badges Section Added to "Side Menu" under "Other Info".
  • New Events Section Added to "Side Menu" under "Other Info".

Mogloween Returns

Candy Corn Farm Returns
Candy Shoppe Returns
Djinn Realm Updated
Doomwood Forest Updated
Ledgermayne (location) Updated
Lightguard Updated
Mogloween Grave Returns
Mystcroft Returns
Northland Lights Updated
Shadowfall Updated
Skyguard Updated
Voltabolt (Location) Returns
Yulgar's Inn Updated

Safiria Returns
Bubble Returns
Toil Returns
Trouble Returns
The Cauldron Sisters Returns
Voltabolt Returns

Safiria's Shop Returns
Bubble's Shop Returns
Toil's Shop Returns
Trouble's Shop Returns
Upgrade Shop (Mystcroft) Returns
Mogloween Seasonal Shop Returns
Mogloween AC Shop Returns
Mogloween Seasonal Candy Shop Returns
Rotting Pumpkin Shop Returns

Safiria's Quests Returns
Bubble's Quests Returns
Toil's Quests Returns
Trouble's Quests Returns
The Cauldron Sisters' Quests Returns

Blister Returns
Candy Kid Returns
Chest Returns
Dark Moglinster Returns
Dental Driller Returns
Eye Sac Returns
Field Guardian Returns
Ghostly Sheet (Monster) Returns
Great Pumpkin King Returns
Green Moglinster Returns
Jack O Doom Returns
Malik-EYE Returns
Moglinsterbot Returns
Nightmare Dentist Chair Returns
Pumpkinhead Fred Returns
Red Moglinster Returns
Stalkwalker Returns
Sugarrush Ghoul Returns
Super Moglinster Returns
Thriller Returns
Vampire Ghoul Returns

Pumpkin Lord dzjxw2.png Returns
Banana Suit 11
Bodiless Horseman Morph 11 dzjxw2.png
Dark Zenobyte 11 acsmall.png
Dorian and Dorothy 11
Dream Slayer 11 acsmall.png
Ebil Dread Paladin 11 acsmall.png
Field Guardian 11 dzjxw2.png
Gourdian 11 dzjxw2.png
Mummy 11 dzjxw2.png
Red Moglinster 11 dzjxw2.png
Rust Man 11
Territorial Lion 11 membersmall.png
Undead Curse 11 membersmall.png
Undead Moglin 11 membersmall.png
Undead Fighter Armor 11
Undead Mage Armor 11 membersmall.png
Voltabolt Coat 11 membersmall.png
Vampire Armor 11 membersmall.png
Witch Armor 11 membersmall.png
Ghostly Cape 11
Great Pumpkin King's Great Vines 11 membersmall.png
Tainted Wings 11 membersmall.png
Vampire Cape 11
Blister's Bag 11
Brown Fedora 11 acsmall.png
Cute lil Dorothy Morph 11
Field Guardian Hat 11
Field Guardian Straw Hat 11 membersmall.png
Fiery Jack o' Face 11 membersmall.png
Fiery Mogloween Pumpkin membersmall.png
Frankenstein Curse 11
Ghostly Blanket 11 membersmall.png
Great Mogloween Pumpkin
Great Pumpkin King's Head 11 membersmall.png
Happy Jack o' Face 11
Helm of the Gourdian 11
Jack Strife's Melon
Medusa Curse 11
Mummy Face 11
Paper Bag 11
Pumpkin Deviant Helmet 11
Red Moglinster Morph 11 membersmall.png
Red Moglin Head 11
Sad Jack o' Face 11
Territorial Lion Morph 11
Undead Moglin Head 11
Voltabolt's Hair 11
Witch's Hat 11
Young Pumpkin Head 11
Chatter Teeth membersmall.png
Enchanted Broom 11 membersmall.png
Flying Marmoset 11 membersmall.png
Ghostly Sheet 11 membersmall.png
Tododo '11 membersmall.png
Blister's Chainsaw 11
Chainsaw Hand 11 acsmall.png
Chainsaw 2011
Dagger of the Bat 11
Gargoyle Axe 11
Ghostly Staff 11
Golden Deathsaw 11 membersmall.png
Great Pumpkin King Staff 11
Great Pumpkin King Sword 11
Ivy Blade 11
Lumberjack Axe 11
Machete 11
Misericorde de Nyx 11 membersmall.png
Plaque Destroyer 11
Pumpkin Axe of Slaying 11 membersmall.png
Pumpkin Lance of Piercing 11 membersmall.png
Pumpkin Sword 11 membersmall.png
Putrid Meaty Club 11
Red Pitchfork 11
Sinister PumpKing Blade 11
Sword of the Bat 11
Toothbrush 11
Toothy Staff 11
Toxic Ivy Blade 11 membersmall.png
Wooden Stake 11
Candy Corn

House Items:
Bat Cage 11 membersmall.png
Bottom-Corner Spiderweb 11 membersmall.png
Broom Rack 11
Bubbling Cauldron 11 membersmall.png
Bucket-O-Candy 11 membersmall.png
Giant Candy Corn 11 membersmall.png
Haunted Tombstone 11 membersmall.png
House Myx 11 membersmall.png
Jack-O-Lantern 1 11
Jack-O-Lantern 2 11
Marble Safiria Statue membersmall.png
Pumpkin Patch 11 membersmall.png
Spring Heeled Jack Pumpkin 11 membersmall.png
Swirly Candy Carpet 11 membersmall.png
Top-Corner Spiderweb 11

Recently Rare

These items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops were removed from game this week and are now raresmall.png

There are no rare items/monsters/NPCs/locations/events/shops for this week (yet). .png]]

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Change Log:

  • Badges Section Added to "Side Menu".
  • New Events Section Added to "Side Menu".
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