Welcome to the wonderful world of the Public Test Realm.

Everything contained in this sub-section of the AQWWiki is only available on the PTR, and is thus subject to change, may not be released, full of bugs, and prone to catastrophic failure. As such, all pages relating to the PTR are held here to keep the other pages safe. Unlike the articles about the live version of AQW, as the PTR changes and thing are removed or become live, pages will be deleted. If you lose what you are looking for, return here to find out what happened.
The PTR is Member Only, is found via a link on the Design Notes, and is not available all the time.
Only notable differences from the Live version of AQW will be listed.

Here is the link to the PTR server (PTR can now be found on the standard server list).



  • Most enhancements received new names, however only the names changed; the stats themselves have not changed


  • Chatbox now extends to show more chat history
  • Necromancer's bug has been fixed
  • Various interface improvements


  • Balancing changes to the overall game
    • Class damage nerf
    • Boss damage buff, making killing bosses an actual challenge
    • Boss HP buff, same as above
    • Warrior's PS now has a 15 second cooldown, and does regular critical damage


  • New Enhancement: Charmed
  • Spitfire removed. It is now built into member enhancements (mem enhancements have a chance to cast fireballs)
  • Necromancer (PTR) is now rare due to the change in enhancement shops


  • All daggers are dual wielded on PTR and have new attack animations
  • Unarmed weapon has a new set of attack animations
  • All polearms have new attack animations
  • Various interface changes


  • The Armsman enhancement pattern has been removed from the game. It still technically exists and works, but it will not be a class category in the future.
  • Sniper has been renamed Zealot.
  • Weapon Proc's are being added - Spitfire is now in the lvl 20 Enhancement Shop.

Battleon (PTR)
Pvp Arena
Bludrut Brawl (PTR)
Artix (location)

Team A Captain
Team B Captain
Team A Captain (BB)
Team A Restorer (BB)
Team A Brawler (BB)
Team B Captain (BB)
Team B Restorer (BB)
Team B Brawler (BB)

Necromancer (PTR)103sg3o.jpg
Health Potion
Scroll of Chain Lightning

Potion Shop

Other Info
PTR Enhancements Updated with new enhancements

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