Player Versus Player.

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Player vs Player (PvP): In game combat between two or more player controlled characters.

In AQW PvP is only available in a few dedicated zones (when available). In these places the occupants are automatically assigned to one of two teams, Team A (Blue) and Team B (Red). In the top right of the screen teams are allocated points, when a team reaches 1000 points they are declared the winner. Rewards are handed out automatically. Access to these PvP locations varies depending on the PvP zones currently active, but usually involves talking to Dumoose.

PvP comes in two styles;
1v1 - Combat with a single player controlled character.
This is a simple brawl. Defeat your opponent to win your reward.
Group PvP - Combat in a group of players against an equal opposing group.
In addition to gaining team points for beating your opponents in combat, you gain substantial points for taking out your enemy's NPC (non-player-character) allies. Gain 1000 points before your enemies to gain greater rewards.

Both PvP styles share some characteristics;

  • Players joining the zone are automatically assigned a team, and display their flag.
  • Players with the opposite team flag are attackable.
  • You can't /invite enemy players or players outside of PvP.
  • You can't change any of your equipment during the match.
  • Only you and your team will see your chat.
  • You can't send a PM to an enemy player.
  • You can't /goto enemy players or your team in PvP.
  • You can't /goto a player which is in PvP.
  • You will win when the PvP bar reaches to 1000.

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