Philisophy and History Adept, Troll Elder

I greet you, hero. Welcome to Bloodtusk Ravine, and may your stay be enjoyable. We have much to offer you if you enjoy the Arts. Or perhaps the study of philosophy or history is more your taste? We Trolls are a peaceful, refined, and cultural people now, though our past is sadly littered with the bones of our enemies.


I am one of the elders of the city, and can tell you what you would like to know about all aspects of our fair home. But for me, I prefer to discourse at length on topics like history, literature, and philosophy. Feel free to browse my writings, but you'll need a dictionary and translator to truly appreciate them.


I look on the residents of this town as my children, and I must care for them as best as I can. Some of them, though, are more wayward than others. Khasaandra, for example, is a sad child. The town does not listen to her, though I think they should. I see why they do not, for her words are sharp, and the images she conjures are unpleasant. Especially when she speaks of her visions from the Land of Dreams and Nightmares.

But her brother! Ah, Krellenos. I often see him with Samba and Oishii. They are a happy trio, and it is a joy to teach them the Lore of our ancestors. I often sit with them and discuss the nature of Art and Prophecy. Krellenos amuses us all. I have high hopes of his affable nature conquering his sister's bitterness, and aiding in her return to a more creative, cheerful state.

Samba and Oishii are happy souls, and gentle. I think, though, that if they were ever to be really tested, they would prove themselves to be warriors at heart! Never threaten the meek, Hero, for they will surprise you with their strength, and will fight back even more ferociously when cornered.

Bachius… *sigh* He thinks I do not see what he does, the messages hidden in his music. He must make up his own mind, go his own way. But he must not destroy what our people have worked to achieve these last 200 years!

After he was attacked by a marauding band of Horcs, and because he is half-troll, half-horc, he has never been quite as happy as the rest of us. He can be, I fear, susceptible to the persuasions of his friends, eager for action.

- Sokrakiis Rep Shop
- Sokrakiis' Quests

After completing the Horcs Stink! quest

You want to summon the Twin Watchers? That is… permissible. I can tell they know much that might help us. Druuz may show you. I will do anything to assist the increase of your knowledge, my friend, if it will benefit my people! And I command you for your willingness to work with Druuz. He is a good youth. Overeager for acceptance, but that is understandable, I think.

- Sokrakiis' Quests

-At BloodTusk War

Troll Elder

Hero, thank the dancers you're here! The rumors have proven true; a Horc is aligning itself with Chaos! We feared this when the rumors started, and it has come to pass. I can no longer halt the young ones eager for war. Indeed, we must save ourselves! Whoever this vile barbarian is, they are using the very beasts against us! Help keep my children safe.

I fear for their safety, Hero. Chaorruption is… I would not want any of my people to suffer that! To be consumed for the inside by desires and emotions pulling you in all directions at once… copelling you to act against your nature… it is disgusting! Keep the chaorrupted creatures from defiling my sons and daughters!

There is no telling what will happen once we quell this bestial uprising. Even our prophets are silent, beyond vague warnings of terror and bloodshed to come. Khasaanda just laughs and laughs when I approach her. I fear for her sanity, and for the safety of us all. Should the Horcs rise again, and wield the power of Chaos… both our people will suffer.

- Sokrakiis' War Quests

- At Ravine Temple

- Before completing all previous storyline quests

Troll Elder

Please return to Bloodtusk Ravine. There is much information for you there, and tasks we need your help on.

- After completing all previous storyline quests

[[size 110%]]Troll Elder

I greet you, Hero, in sadness, but I wish to thank you for staying true to us. I fear for my people in this new regime. We have always trusted the Alliance but… hey do not know what is best for us right now. I worry that they desire our resources more than our freedom from Chaos. With the Horcs lost to it, this most precious substance is in danger! Rumors have already started that it is gone, and anarchy threatens our home!

What resource?
There is a material here found nowhere else in Lore. It is sacred to our people, and the Horcs. This has caused great tension between us in the past. The Accord of the Dark Sun guarantees that ALL of this substance is kept in a secure, neutral place for all to draw on, and on its grounds peace prevails. Now that the Horcs have fallen to Chaos, though… I am afraid they will either consume or destroy it all!

-Sokrakiis' Quests
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