Trainers Websites Description of Trainers
BotQuestWorlds Series With this trainer you will be able to go and party while it fights for you. Yes it fights for you! It can also collect stuff for you and it gains Rep for you. {Gains REP, Gold, Exp, Items}-{Reason why not in Autoers}
Founder Only Item Usable only by Members who upgraded within the first month of AQW's general release
Member Only Item Usable only by of AQW
Rare Item This item is no longer available
Special Offer This item is only available via a special offer
Temporary This item will be lost when you log out.
Upholder Item Usable only by people who upgraded between Oct. 2nd and Nov. 2nd
Armor Type Equippable Armor Item
Class Type Equippable Class Item
Cloak & Back Item Type Equippable Cloak & Back Item
Helmet Type Equippable Helmet Item
House Type House, Furniture, Other Items or Wall Item in the Housing Equippables
Pet Type Equippable Pet Item
Weapon Type Equippable Weapon Item
Misc. Type Unequippable Misc. Item
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