Horc Spirit Master / Musician

May mountain spirit keep you free and strong. What you want?


If You have open ears, Zot will talk. What you want to know?

Spirit Master?
Me Spirit Master for tribe. Me listen to soul of mountain and sing songs it teach. Kagg teach us about Horc past. Me sing songs to remind tribe of where we going and who Horcs want to be. Iron and Gold each sing different songs and me hear both.

Mountain Spirit?
When Horcs belong to Trolls we start as miners. We understand that Horcs like Mountain. Stone is hard, tough skin. Metal and Gems hidden inside mountain, like Horc will and spirit! We begin listening to mountain and sing songs it teach.

Gold and Iron?

Under mountain stone skin is Gold, or female spirit… and Iron or male spirit. Some mountains have only Iron. Some have only Gold. Some have some of each in different amount. Horcs believe that all life same way. Must understand both Gold and Iron to be whole.


Trolls never understand mountain spirit. They to busy making loud magic and music to listen to world. It make me sad.

- Zot's Quests

After completing the Troll Stink! quest

May mountain spirit keep you free and strong. Rawg says you want to summon Twin Watchers? Yes, they smart. They know Trolls. You find them, they tell you how to save Horcs. He smart for Horc, but bitter. Want to keep all Horcs safe, so we trust him. He family.

- Zot's Quests

At Ravine Temple

Spirit Master

May mountain spirit keep you strong, Hero! I come out here to check on the land and on the children of the mountain. All creatures are its sons and daughters. Horcs, Trolls, beasts, you, me. All! I want to try experiment, see if I am able to detect hidden Chaorruption by channeling pure mountain spirit when holding something from its child. Will you help Hero?

-Zot's Quests



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